ex|press1 [ ık`spres ] verb transitive ***
▸ 1 tell feeling/idea/goal
▸ 2 show feeling/opinion
▸ 3 show something in mathematics
▸ 4 mail something by quick system
▸ 5 force liquid out of something
1. ) to tell someone about a feeling, opinion, or goal by speaking or writing about it:
His teachers expressed concern about his progress at school.
I would like to express my thanks to my parents for their support.
The opinions expressed in this book are purely those of the author.
The government has reportedly expressed an interest in the plan.
thoughts that he could not clearly express in words
a ) used about a letter, book, or other piece of writing:
a poem expressing grief at the death of a friend
2. ) to show a feeling on your face or give information by your behavior:
Her eyes expressed total shock.
The chairperson expressed agreement with a slight nod.
a ) something expresses itself if an idea or feeling expresses itself in a particular way, it is shown in that way:
Lucy's excitement expressed itself in singing and laughter.
3. ) TECHNICAL in mathematics, to show a quantity or problem in a particular way:
Dalton's Law can be expressed mathematically.
express something as something: a ratio can be expressed as a percentage
4. ) to send something using a service that will deliver it very quickly:
I'll express those documents to you.
5. ) TECHNICAL to force a liquid out of something
express yourself
1. ) to talk in a way that other people can understand:
She finds it difficult to express herself in English.
2. ) to show your feelings in a particular way:
express yourself through/by: students who express themselves through art
ex|press 2 [ ık`spres ] adjective only before noun *
1. ) FORMAL very clear, so that there can be no mistake about what is intended: EXPLICIT:
Against the woman's express wishes, the media publicized her story.
express permission/consent: You must not leave this house without my express permission.
a ) deliberate:
You came here with the express purpose of causing trouble.
2. ) an express train, bus, etc. makes a particular trip more quickly than ordinary trains, buses, etc.
a ) an express service delivers mail or packages more quickly than the ordinary service:
a package sent by express mail
an express delivery
ex|press 3 [ ık`spres ] noun
1. ) count a train, bus, etc. that makes a particular trip more quickly than ordinary trains, buses, etc.:
the Boston to Providence express
2. ) uncount a service that delivers mail or packages more quickly than the ordinary service:
Make sure you send it by express.
ex|press 4 [ ık`spres ] adverb
using a service that delivers mail or packages more quickly than the ordinary service:
It came express.

Usage of the words and phrases in modern English. 2013.

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